Place du Chapelet, 33000 Bordeaux
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Team building


Escape game urbain pédagogique cryptex Escape game urbain portrait de Francisco Goya Escape game urbain pédagogique cryptex

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A game master is (discreetly) following you, helping if necessary and guiding the lost sheep to the right path…


Here we travel light! Neither suitcase nor table, a backpack, padlocks, puzzles, and let’s go!


Divided into teams, from 13 to 30 people can play simultaneously. Are you over 30? Several slots can be set up.


The urban escape game is suitable for all profiles, professions and all generations.  From beginners to experts, all levels can have fun!


Here, no stopwatch! You decide your pace. Records to beat: 55 minutes against 2 hours… But after 6 hours, we leave you behind.


Without getting lost, you are less than a kilometer from Goya’s skull! The circuit is flat, delimited by the Golden Triangle in the old Bordeaux.


An urban escape game, a guided tour or a wine tasting workshop?
With our COMBOS, choose your formula.

Urban Escape Game 

Tasting workshop

Find the skull of Goya then, place to the celebration around 3 wines, cheese and charcuterie. The two activities are 13 meters apart!

: 1h30 + 1h

Urban Escape Game

Guided tour

Discover the center of Bordeaux with our tour guide during our walking tours ; Bordeaux, history and highlightst, then go in search of the skull of Goya.

: 1h30 + 1h30

Guided tour
Tasting workshop

Discover the center of Bordeaux with our tour guide during our walking tour Bordeaux, history and highlightst, then, relax at the wine tasting.

Duration: 1h30 + 1h


+33 7 66 11 71 72

💀 Urban escape game meeting point:
Statue of Goya, place du Chapelet, 33000 Bordeaux

🍷 Wine tasting with Olala Bordeaux:
2ter Rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux (in front of Goya’s statue)